Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A wedding to remember// cosmic adventures

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to assist wedding photographer Breanne de Bliek during one of the most unique, personality-filled weddings you could ever imagine. In between my assisting jobs, I managed to snag a few pictures too. ;) The theme was galaxy, and each detail perfectly reflected the couple's creativity. With everything from an alien inspired cake topper to a stunning handmade bouquet for each bridesmaid, this couple nailed it. And how could you say no to those cupcakes? I sure didn't. ;) Here's to inspiring, love filled, gloriously sunny weddings! Maybe even shooting one myself someday... :) 

Much love, Vivi


  1. Wow Vivienne! These look amazing. You did a fantastic job for your very first wedding. So proud of you!!

  2. this is really beautiful. your photos are lovely, congrats to you and the couple! x


  3. those bouquets are SO cool! the pic of the bride and her girls look like the sailor scouts:D
    great shots!
    -jules www.myladybakes.com

  4. This is such an awesome, cool, wacky and incredible idea for a wedding...I LOVE it. And of course, you did a marvelous job! :)

  5. Oh my goodness. Stunning photos. Beautiful bouquet.. and those cupcakes! Omg!
    How lucky you got to help out :) great job!
    xx gemma @ andgeesaid.blogspot.com.au