Thursday, 23 February 2012

Five things to love

{wise words found on Pinterest}
{a baby deer about to munch on some leaves, so blessed to have this piece of nature right in my front yard}
{the most delicious chips all in one happy picture}

{Pretty henna and rainbow nails to brighten a rainy day}
 {the most beautiful tea bag every created! Thanks to mighty leaf for this gem}

Life is so great right now. I found a new artist, Kimbra, and can't stop listening to her music, she has the voice of an angel! And for once this year, I've had time to snuggle up on the couch and dive into a good book. I was hooked on Pride & Prejudice last year, so I picked up a copy of Persuasion. Jane Austen and green tea together is really my ideal afternoon. Throw in a good chat, some baking, and I'm one happy puppy. So good.  

Much love, Vivi

p.s. I've hit 94 followers already! Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and leaves a sweet comment, they really do brighten my day!


  1. Vivi,

    Love the nails/ henna. :)


  2. Those wise words were something I wanted to remember everyday, so I made them into a headboard a few months ago.
    As for Kimbra, reading, and green tea.. all of those things are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Girl, you had me at baby deer and Jane Austen. I'm such a hopeless romantic and eat up every word she writes. And I mean, a baby deer. Come. On. So. Cute.

    Such a sweet post, friend!

  4. The deer in your front yard is just too cute. What a great list of items to love :]

  5. Oh my gosh, the dear is so cute! I wish they would walk around my house too! :)

  6. That first print is lovely - something to keep in mind! I love Henna too. I bought akit once and triedto learn to do it myself, but that was an epic fail.

  7. I love that print.. I just adore how it is an explosion of colour! Woke me up!

    And that tea bag is certainly..... interesting.... :-)

  8. awww I love deer! congrats on the 94 followers!

  9. I definitely agree with the wise words you found on Pinterest :)

    Great blog btw! Following!

  10. great pictures!
    wow the tea looks amazing <3


  11. isn't henna really pretty?
    thanks for dropping by on my blog to comment
    and follow! I follow back:)

  12. great pictures!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We've started following you so hope you follow us back and visit again!

    I am currently in a Pride and Prejudice phase and I can't put it down!


  14. ***New follower from I love the henna with the colorful nails :) and I love all your pictures...Hope you stop by my page will be hosting a amazing giveaway once I reach 100 followers (Yay)


  15. Pretty nails and henna tattoo!

  16. great photos honey, i really love them!!

  17. all such great finds. i love the multi colored nails :)
    xo TJ

  18. Great pictures! Your naildesign is awesome! Love the colours and Looks really great together:)

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  19. hello there... i tumbled into your sweet space here.
    i adore that teabag. is it home-made?

  20. I'm so envious of you for having that deer in your garden.. the most i get is cats (and they're usually my own)

    You blog is so cute :) I'm following now x

  21. Oh my, these photos are lovely.