Friday, 17 July 2015

Break the mold

 J U L Y 17th 

I'm blogging everyday for the month of July, sharing what I learn about what it means to be a steward of time. Time is so precious. This series is a personal experiment where I hope to get a better look into where I invest my time, and how I can better shape my life to serve God through my actions, words, and priorities. Look up the tag "July series" to view each post. 

Finishing a math assignment and reviewing in preparation of next week's midterm
Printing the next Physics module. Haha, that's productive, right?
Having a shift of volunteering at the hospital, the last week of training before we start regular duties! Wahoo! 
Doing a few chores and organizing piles of paper that were beginning to stack up. 

Rest & Enjoyment:
Having a peaceful breakfast while reading chapters from the book of Mark. I tried slicing golden kiwi onto yogurt, and it certainly was an interesting combo...  
Watching The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with my family. This movie is amazing. My family and I loved the first one, and we enjoyed this one just as much. Plenty of Bollywood dancing  and music and romance = perfection. A mug of hot chocolate also helped... :) 
Making a veggie wrap for lunch and enjoying it on the back deck with the lillies and other gorgeous blooms. 

Take aways:
As I'm writing this, my eyes are slowly closing and my pillow is calling my name. It's been a long day, but a very full and productive day, with hints of rest and fun with my family. The biggest lesson I learned about time today is simple, and to many, common sense. Yet this simple lesson took me a few years to actually understand. I used to be confused about fun. I looked around and saw others my age doing things that I just didn't want to do, or have any interest in doing. I thought there was something wrong with me. Why don't I find those things fun? I remember thinking, I'm 17, shouldn't I like what other 17 year old's like?

I wasn't a cookie cutter 17 year old, I'm not a cookie cutter 20 year old, and I most likely won't fit the mold when I'm 30, 40, or 80. I like watching movies with "old people" romance. I get more excited about Biology than shopping. I can be really focused and serious, and the next moment re-enacting a scene from Despicable Me. 

The lesson from all of this? We all spend our time differently. We all have fun in different ways. The truth is, most of us don't fit the mold that our culture presents to us. We try (like I did), until we realize the beauty of uniqueness and embrace it. It's more than okay for me to spend my time doing things that I truly enjoy, and to not spend my time doing things that just aren't me. And that's more than okay. How freeing is that?!  

Much love, Vivi 

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