Friday, 3 July 2015

Spontaneity in between Structure

I'm blogging everyday for the month of July, sharing what I learn about what it means to be a steward of time. Time is so precious. This series is a personal experiment where I hope to get a better look into where I invest my time, and how I can better shape my life to serve God through my actions, words, and priorities. Look up the tag "July series" to view each post. 

Volunteering at the orientation for new volunteers at the hospital
Working a full shift at my work 
Completing a physics assignment 
Updating my calculus formula sheets 

Rest & Enjoyment: 
Reading Romans 12 and meditating on it's truth. It's one of my favorite passages, so full of encouragement and how we can practically live out our faith each day 
Enjoying a huge mug of chai tea after my shift with piano jazz playing. And maybe a little Clean Bandit in there too... :) 
Working on a new song on the guitar 
Hanging out on the deck with it's glorious flowers (thanks to my mom's green thumb) and my family 

Take aways:

1. Yesterday I woke up at 7 am and suddenly I was all about getting up early. Well, TODAY I got up at 9 am.. Haha! I had had a very late night, and sleep was wonderful, and much more needed than the productivity of an early morning. Lesson learned? If I want to make the most of my time, I can't "burn the candle at both ends" as my mom says. In other words, I want to wake up early? I've got to get to bed early. Simple, common  sense, but something that requires effort to put into practice. 

2. Sometimes changes happen to our time that we can't foresee. I had no idea that I was going to get called in to work tonight. I quickly whipped up a dinner, threw my name tag on and drove to work. And you know what? It was such a blessing. I've always been a hard-core planner (think colored coded schedules and lots of lists), but the spontaneity of doing something completely unexpected (even something just like work!) was honestly, refreshing! I love my colored coded schedules, but a little spontaneity isn't so bad.. :)  

Dear July 3rd, thank you for teaching me that sleeping in isn't always a bad thing, and that spontaneity and being flexible not only can bless me, but also bless others by being willing to fill a need. Thank you for showing me yet again the immense importance of starting my day in God's word, and for not just reading, but thinking on how I can practically apply biblical lessons to my own life.  

Much love, Vivi 

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