Saturday, 18 July 2015

Why, thank you! -- Love, Brain

J U L Y 18th 

I'm blogging everyday for the month of July, sharing what I learn about what it means to be a steward of time. Time is so precious. This series is a personal experiment where I hope to get a better look into where I invest my time, and how I can better shape my life to serve God through my actions, words, and priorities. Look up the tag "July series" to view each post. 

Finishing a math assignment (this is a very common theme through out my July series.. So. Much. Math. Homework.) 
Reviewing online tutorials on sequences and series, the current math topic. Most of my morning was spent reviewing in preparation of this week's midterm! Yay! Who doesn't love tests?! ;) 
Reading an article in Science magazine about the role of adipocytes (fat cells) in the immune response. So interesting! 

Rest & Enjoyment:
Starting my morning with blueberry oatmeal, Colombian coffee, and the book of Mark
Photographing the lilies and other flowers on the back deck, followed by uploading and editing the pictures 
Finishing my novel Monday Mornings. Wahoo! Now I'm on to continuing Texas by James Michener. It's a HUGE book, which is why I'm attempting it now and not come September and the start of a busy semester! James Michener is an amazing author. If you like historical fiction and beautiful, quality reads, I highly recommend his novels. 

Take aways: 

Much of my time today was focused on reading. Reading math problems, reading my Bible, reading Monday Mornings, reading an article.. When I was in elementary school I faithfully took part in the "Book of the Year" competitions, where around 13 books were nominated for the award. I would read each one, and then vote for my favorite at the end of the school year. Ever since then, reading has always been a huge part of my life, and it's something that I genuinely enjoy investing time into. It may sound strange, but when I actively make reading a regular part of my life, I imagine neurons in my brain making intricate connections with each other, forming new memories and building up "brain skills." The take away from all of this? READ! I may be biased because I work at a library, but trust me, your brain will thank you! Reading something of quality is never a poor use of time. Now I'm off to make some progress on Texas.. :) 

Much love, Vivi  

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